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The Features
Broadcoin_is a virtual digital tradable asset developed by a group of computer science individuals with objective is to aid millions of individuals to be self reliant, to create themselves a continuous flow of income and achieve financial freedom through trading using easy to use system

Simple system to use, user friendly interface

Anyone can participate in developments, quick response using bots and human-like reaponses from already developed artificial intelligence.

Information available from online resources

Minimum risk, High rewards

Trade with as low as $5(Ksh500), 200% fixed returns on all profitable trades

Trade from any location

Use any device to log in your account and perform trades any time

Safe & Secure Transactions

safe transfers to other broadcoin traders.

Private Internet Banking

Your account acts as store of value and remains intact unless you withdraw, deposit or trade.

Instant execution of trades

Trade activated as soon as you place it

Convenient withdrawal of earnings

We have provided a wide range of withdrawal options.

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Get to know the BROADCOIN trading system
Historical data is provided to help on predict future prices, BROADCOIN TRADING has the ability to give you high rewards, however, it's risky business and every trader should gauge on your risk appetite before starting to trade.
Safe transfers
online banking
Binary investments
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How to trade

Broadcoin is a virtual tradable asset whose value is ditermined by its demand and supply

How to trade

Ditermine the direction of prices
1:if the prices are going up, place a .

2:If the prices are going down, place a

There is 100% return on trading amounts eg. if you trade with ksh 2500, you make ksh 2500

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Trades expire in different timeframes depending on volatility
They can take a few minutes to a few hours

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